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Catherine DuBois

Maiden Name
Biographical Information

Catherine Blanchan was Baptized:
November 13 1626 in the Parish Church at Wicres in Lille, France.

Louis and Catherine were married:
October 10 1655 in the French Protestant Church at Mannheim, in the Pfalz, German Palatinate.

On June 10 1663, Hurley and part of Kingston were burned by the Indians. The wife of Louis DuBois and three of their children were among those who were captured. Three months
after the capture, an expedition under Captain Krieger was sent from New York to recover the captives from the Indian fort near the Hogabergh in Shawangunk.

"The Story", of the rescue of the Indian captives, which is dear to the Huguenot heart of New Paltz says; when Captain Krieger and his company attacked the savages at their place of refuge near the Shawangunk Kill, the Indians were about to burn one or more captives at the stake, the women began singing the 137th Psalm, which so pleased the red men that they deferred the proposed death by torture.

Captain Krieger's band, with Louis DuBois and others, arrived and rescued the captives from a horrible death.

Louis DuBois is reported to have killed with his sword an Indian, who was in advance of the rest, before the alarm could be raised. Captain Krieger's report says nothing of this. However, as the tradition contains nothing irreconcilable with the Captain's report which deals mainly with the fighting done by his soldiers, it is interesting to keep the tradition alive as it deals more upon the condition of the captives.

The papers relating to the Paltz Patent are among the most cherished possessions of the Huguenot Historical Society of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. They are written in Dutch and present a unique example of fair dealing between red men and white.

Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Wicres, Departement du Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
Date of Death
Place of Death
Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA

Family Tree

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