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Chrétien Maxmillan Du Bois

Biographical Information

Chretien (Christian) Du Bois was born in 1597 in Wicres, Artois, Pas de Calais, France and died before Oct 10, 1655 there about 58 years of age.

His first wife was Cornelia --, whom he married ca. 1621. She was born ca. 1600 in Tournay, Hainaut, Belgium. His second wife was Jeanne Masic Brunel.

William Heidgerd, in The American Descendants of Chretien DuBois of Wicres, France (New Paltz, NY 1968) preface, wrote:

"Following written by George Washington DuBois, D. D. (1822-1910). ‘Chretien du Bois of Wicres in Artois, Pas de Calais, France was born in 1597 and died prior to Oct 10, 1655. Owing to the systematic mutilation of the records of Huguenot families of the nobility, neither his parentage nor issue can be definitely proved. It is believed that he belonged to one of the five quite well known families stemming from Geoffroi de Bois and his wife Sidonie Tesson of the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy who were alive in the middle of the 11th century.

‘From records in the Netherlands, where many Huguenots gained sanctuary, it is certain that Louis and Jacques, both Walloons, were sons of Chretien du Bois.'"

John Coert DuBois, M. D. (1831-1913), of Hudson, Columbia County, New York, researched records in Europe during the time he was a medical student in Paris from 1858 to 1860, and during a later visit there in 1883. He examined and cited the d'Hozier Manuscripts, 1696-1716, the records of the Reformation Church at Lille, and the records of the Reformation Church at Leyden. The following are his findings:

"In the Maison Royale de France, the ‘famille du Bois' is mentioned as ‘Grand Masters of the Forests of France'

"Generations listed:

  1. Jean, Seigneur de Fountaines, maetre d'hotel of Charles VIII, d. 1507
  2. Jean, kings councillor and controller-general of finances, married 10-7-1493, the niece of the Chancellor of France.
  3. Astremoine, a Huguenot who afterwards renounced his faith, was restored to his nobility, and was declared to be descended from ‘la maison du Bois en Artois.'
  4. Antoine, Seigneur de Fountaines, king's councillor and ambassador to the Pays-Bas. He was married during 1571.
  5. Pierre, Seigneur de Fountaines-Moran, married Francoise Olivier de Leuville. He served in the army during 1597.
  6. Chretien, a younger son, became a Huguenot, and was deprived of his nobility in consequence. His elder brother, Louis, who remained a Catholic, is designated as Seigneur de Fountaines, lietuenant-general of the armies of the king. He was in 1653 made Marquis de Giuvi.

"Chretien du Bois was dead on October 10, 1655, when his son Louis was married at Mannheim. Chretien also had a daughter Ann (Wicres baptismal record). Chretien settled on lands at Wicres about 10 miles southwest of Lille where his farm is still pointed out. He was probably born about 1590. He is described as ‘a gentleman of the family of du Bois, Seigneurs de Beaufermez and de Bourse' in the d'Hozier manuscript."

Chretien du Bois and Cornelia - had the following children:

i. Francoise, b. Jun 17, 1622, bap. Jun 18, 1622, m. Pierre Billiou on May 2, 1649, d. bef. Jan 17, 1695
ii. Anne, b. ca. 1625, d. 1643
iii. Louis, b. ca. 1626, d. 1696
iv. Jacques, b. ca. 1628

Date of Birth
Place of Birth
near Lille, Artois, (Spanish) Netherlands
Date of Death
10 Oct 1655
Place of Death
Wicres, La Bassa, Lilli, Artois
Birth Coordinates

near Lille, Artois, (Spanish) Netherlands

near Lille, Artois, (Spanish) Netherlands

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