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Godfrey de Boulogne King of Jerusalem

Biographical Information

{His parents identified in Weis," Ancestral Roots...", but question remains: Lillian Etter states on Prodigy 4/91: "Most
people think there was only one Godfrey but there were two. One, the most famous, they call King of the Jews; he did
marry Ida ____ who had no children. The other is illegitimate and he married Beatrix de Mandeville, daughter of Godefroy
and Athelaise Mandeville. See Anthony Wagner, "Pedigree and Progress" (1975, p. 253). Many scholars dispute there
being two Godfreys!} Godfrey de Boulogne was a leader of the First Crusade and Domesday tenant in 1086 at Carshalton,
Surrey. He was elected King of Jerusalem, but took the title Advocate of the Holy Sepulcher (as Godfred I; succeeded by
his next younger brother who became Baldwin I, King of Jerusalem, q.v.). {See extended discussion in "Ancestral
Roots..." (Balt., 1992) 158A-23.} Godfrey was also Duke of Lower Lorraine.

Date of Birth
Date of Death
18 Jul 1100
Place of Death

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