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Hellin II de Franchimont

Biographical Information

HELLIN II de FRANCHIMONT [1275] Marquis de Franchimont. He married 1225 ?: Agnis daughter of Guilbert Gysbert or Gilbert comte de Duras who married: Gertrude de Namur they had 2 sons 1st Balderic 2d Jean. Armes of Duras: Sable, seme (powdered) of fleur-de-lis or. The ancient armes of France same with the field azure instead of sable Ist used by Louis VIII 1223-6. The family of Duras is of the pays de Liege and on the evidence of the armes may have been connected with the royal house of France. The armes certainly originated about the same time. See Royal chart. Of Namur: The ancient comtes de Namur comtes de la Roche & de Durbuy, comtes de Luxembourg from 1136-96 Berenger comte de Namur lived 908 A.D. later came Henry comte de Namur had Godfrey de Namur had Alix de Namur m. 1171 abt. Baudouin IV comte de Haynault. Robert de Namur (a bend wavy) about 1300. Armes: Or, a lion sable, armed, tongue, and crown gules, some bore a cotice diff. gules brochant sur le tout (over all). Crest: a pair of wings sable.

The comtes de Namur held the office of Advocati of the AbbeyAndenne but misusing their power the Emperor H.R.E. Henry the III, 1046, obliged Albert comte de Namur, to restore and hold only as a fief of the Empire [see Eccles. Her. Woodward 1894]. Albert comte de Namur was living 1000 A.D. Philippe marquis de Namur 1206 William de Flandre comte de Namur

Whether Gertrude was of the old house or the later Hay­ nault-Flanders house of Namur is unknown but from the date she is probably of the last. [1]

[1] Delano, Joel Andrew. The genealogy, history, and alliances of the American house of Delano, -1899. ed by Delano De Lannoy, Mortimer [New York: s.n, 1960] p. 28. Pdf. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.

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