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Jean III de Lannoy

Biographical Information

JEAN III de LANNOY seigneur de Maingoval de Rienlay & de Sanzelles — died in 1498 and was interred at Cannes de Valenciennes married 1st. Catharine de NEUVILLE of the Great maison de Neufville [Eustache de Neufville 1047-1101 d'Arras in Artois. Armes ancient: Or, fretté de gules.] they had: Jean IV who follows. (Jean III) married 2d, Philipote de Lalain dame de Rienlay dau. of Simon de Lalain seigneur de Hantes they had CHARLES lord of Sanzelles [see same further on]. Also a natural son: ANTOINE; bâtard de Maingoval, who was gentleman to the duc d'Arschot married: Goueux — in the chatellênie de Roman they had 1st Baudouin de Lannoy he had 1 — Thierry de Lannoy 2 — Antoine de Lannoy & 2d Robert de Lannoy — who died in the war and was unmarried. His children differenced the armes of Lannoy with a brisure of a rose gules, placed in the middle of the shield, between the three lions (fesse point). This family became known as Lannoy of Frise in (Friesland) the Netherlands. Armes: Arg., (3) trois lions sinople, armé et lampassé gu., crowns or, accompanied with a rose gules, boutonné or; en abime (in the center of the field). Cimier (crest): A moor issuant ceinture (belted) arg., tenant (holding) in right hand an arrow (fléche) or, in barre (bend sinister) the point on high, the left hand resting on his hip. all ppr. Tenants (supporters): 2 moors (Mores) belted arg., each holding in his free hand an arrow or. [1]


[1] Delano, Joel Andrew. The genealogy, history, and alliances of the American house of Delano, -1899. ed by Delano De Lannoy, Mortimer [New York: s.n, 1960] pp. 33-34. Pdf. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.

Date of Birth
abt 1433
Date of Death
Place of Death
Cannes de Valenciennes, France

Family Tree