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Mother Eberly

Veronica Ulrich Eberly (speculative)
Biographical Information

Mother Eberly
Pioneer Settler

Researchers guess her name was Veronica Ulrich Eberly. The Mother Eberly who came with her children to the Americas.

Not all of her children are buried in Eberly Graveyard.

Veronica was married to Michael Heinrich Eberly. The birth and death dates used by some researchers for Veronica are 1685-1765. She and her children may have immigrated to Philadelphia on the ship James Goodwill from Rotterdam on September 27 1727. Their known children (all born in Europe) were:

  1. Jacob Eberly (1715-1800) married Maria Huber
  2. Peter Eberly (1717-1798) married Catherine Newcomer
  3. Michael Henry Eberly (1718-1760) married Catherine Burkhart
  4. Magdalena Barbara Eberly (1720-1796) married John Gockley
  5. Maria Elizabeth Eberly (1722-1808?) married Joseph Jacob Kurtz
  6. Ulrich Eberly (1724-1809) married Barbara Shenk
Date of Birth
1685 (speculative)
Place of Birth
Rotterdam, Netherlands (speculative)
Date of Death
1765 (speculative)
Burial Images

Eberly Graveyard
Durlach, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA

Birth Coordinates

Rotterdam, Netherlands (speculative)

Rotterdam, Netherlands (speculative)

Family Tree

No information currently available.